Sharon with her daughters Leia and Siena


Sharon Kan


Sharon has served as co-founder, CEO, chief marketing officer, executive chairman, and general manager in her career in technology, working with companies both from inception and at the public company stage. She also co-founded WIN, the Women Innovating Now Lab at Babson College to help women start their businesses.

Motherhood is like this photo - sometimes it feels like there is no space - but there is nowhere I'd rather be than right here, right now.

The idea for Pepperlane was born from all of those conversations with moms. I wanted to create a place that made it possible to be a good mom, to start your own business, and to maintain the flexibility you need. Sounds like a dream? Well, I believe that dreams come true. This is why I wake up every morning.

Jess with her children Natalie and Ben


Jess Petersen


Jess is a mom of two, an avid runner, and a tech nerd. She's spent her career building Boston startups from the very earliest stages into companies with millions of users. Sharon talked her into starting Pepperlane when she was 6 months pregnant with her second baby. What could possibly go wrong?

I used to think that building startups was hard work; then I became a mom.

Becoming a mom was a tough transition for me. It gave me a new sense of respect and awe for all of the moms I knew. We tend to be the ones who absorb the brunt of the chaos of family life and just find a way to make it work, somehow. No matter the other circumstances of our lives, we're all traveling down this crazy road together, trying to raise decent human beings. Yet even though we all have some version of the same problems, it feels like we're each on our own to find the solutions that work for our families. There has to be a better way.

Margaret with her son, Teddy


Margaret McKenna

Technology Adviser

Margaret is a technology leader with experience across many industries and organizations. Most recently, she was VP of Platforms at Runkeeper — a beloved running app serving more than 50 million users — where she led data, infrastructure, and back-end engineering while pursuing her passion for running. In starting Pepperlane, she is pursuing yet another one of her passions: making "work" work for women.

I have learned so much from watching other moms figure out how to pursue their personal passions and their passion for their kids; it's exciting to create a community around that.

The technology world has brought us so many conveniences and opportunities in recent years, and as engineer, that's very exciting to me. Never before has it been so easy to connect with others across the world, start a business, get a ride, or do your shopping. But so often these services are built by and for a particular kind of consumer, and that person is not a mom. I am thrilled by the idea of working with other moms to build something that starts with us.