Pepperlane Ambassador

Pepperlane is on a mission to create a better world for mothers by empowering them to embrace their skills and passions, turn those into small businesses, and do it all on a schedule they decide. We're helping women break the outdated rule that says mothers can't do what they love AND have time for their families, or that flexible employment is limited to only a few skill sets.

We've touched more than 150 communities, helping mothers sell more than 53 different types of services to their neighbors, and we're just getting started. We want to partner with you to move forward this radically different, mother-fueled economy in your corner of the world, as a Pepperlane Ambassador.

“That sounds great, but what would my duties look like as an Ambassador?”

Our number one goal is to get more mothers starting and growing their own businesses on Pepperlane, and we need your help recruiting and supporting them.

We’ll get you started and stay connected along the way, with a playbook of what’s worked so far and weekly conference calls. Here are some examples of impactful activities we’ve seen to date:

  • Sharing personalized content to your online network
  • Posting flyers where moms congregate, pitching local media outlets, and more
  • Gathering moms face to face at local meetups in coffee shops
  • Going above and beyond: We want to test ideas YOU think will gain traction!

“I love the idea of building up moms, but what are the perks?”

You’ll be a change agent in growing a mother-fueled economy in your local community and will have a very direct role in creating new opportunities for mothers. As rewarding as that is, we’ll also compensate you for the meaningful work you do as the hands and feet (and eyes and heart) of Pepperlane in your hometown, via an ongoing stipend, tiered bonuses for helping women get their businesses live and in front of customers (quickly), and ongoing incentives that link your success with the success of these mother-owned businesses you bring on.

This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new movement that's committed to helping women, simply by leveraging the connections and relationships you already have. In the process, you’ll earn perks that tie your success to the success of the businesses you help launch.

Sound exciting? We’d like to learn more about you! Simply get in touch by completing the short form below or emailing us at

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